What started as an independent, scientific alternative to mainstream reality television in 2007, MonsterVisionTV springboarded guerrilla-style paranormal filmmaking with their episodic format exceeding two million views online. MonsterVisionTV has appeared on NBC, ABC, A&E Biography and has been chronicled in various novels.

U.S. Government Classification
BF1029 .L35   BF1029 .L36
Parapsychology--Case studies
MonsterVisionTV (MVTV) was created by world renowned paranormal researcher and author Stephen Lancaster alongside co-creator Ryan Lick in 2007. The episodic supernatural investigating show was the first of it's kind as it chronicled Lancaster's paranormal investigation team, the P.I.T. Crew. The show offered viewers a different and authentic perspective to the field of paranormal research.

MonsterVisionTV achieved a viewership of over two million. Fans and paranormal enthusiasts adored their format and authenticity. The show operated without a camera crew offering the audience paranormal investigating through the eyes of the investigators. Their tried and true formula hit mainstream network television when Ghost Adventurers aired in 2008 taking the original format and catering it to a more commercial audience.

Stephen Lancaster has been involved in the field of paranormal research since 1997 conducting investigative work for politicians, military facilities, the board of education, museums, commercial locations, businesses, television and civilian properties. His research is recognized by the U.S. Government.

In 2009, Lancaster released his first research novel entitled, Paranormal Investigator followed by the best selling  True Casefiles of a Paranormal Investigator (2012).

MonsterVisionTV ended their episodic format following Season 6 in 2012 although a few episodes still linger online.

After a four year hiatus from the public eye, Lancaster returned to the books and released  Dark Spirits in 2016. That same year he would re-brand and mold MVTV into MonsterVisionTV Films; a paranormal documentary division. In 2017, Lancaster produced and released the first in a series of documentaries under the MonsterVisionTV Films umbrella.

FANTÔME: The Haunting of Brentwood Wine Bistro  was released on October 13, 2017 and the film shot to #1 in Documentaries on the world's largest movie website, IMDb. ​His original research company, the P.I.T. Crew was reinstated. Current active members include Kevin McCray, Christina Parker, Eddie Hughes and James Burris.

Stephen contributed the prologue to the 2017 novel, The Spirits of Christmas authored by Sylvia Shults. The novel also contains Lancaster's origin story.

Norman: The Doll that Needed to be Locked Away , Lancaster's fourth novel, is scheduled to be released in April of 2018. The book includes contributions from famed paranormal expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley and extreme paranormal researcher Darren Evans.

Presently, the P.I.T. Crew are researching and filming in North Carolina and West Virginia for two documentaries slated for a 2018 release.