L A T E S T   R E L E A S E

FANTÔME: The Haunting of Brentwood Wine Bistro (2017)

Storyline: Author Stephen Lancaster and expert paranormal investigators reveal nine years worth of research in favor of an authentic haunting inside the historic Brentwood Wine Bistro. Compiled as a documentary, the film explores the video evidence, history and testimonies concerning the supernatural happenings at the Bistro leading up to revealing a full bodied apparition.

MonsterVisionTV Films
Paranormal films for the paranormal mind.

What started as an independent, scientific alternative to mainstream reality television in 2007, MonsterVisionTV springboarded guerrilla-style paranormal filmmaking with their episodic format exceeding two million views online. MonsterVisionTV has appeared on NBC, ABC, A&E Biography and has been chronicled in various novels.

U.S. Government Classification
BF1029 .L35   BF1029 .L36
Parapsychology--Case studies


//My Friend of Misery (2018)
Current Status: Researching
Release Date: 2018
Location: Unknown

Story: Paranormal investigators acquire a doll to study that has held the malevolent spirit of an unborn child for over fifty years.

A documentary to accompany the novel,
Current Status: 
Season One

Release Date: 2018